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Check Out These Over-50 Fitness Influencers

June 10, 20242 min read

We love bringing you news and information that will inspire your fitness journey.

And on social media, particularly Instagram, there’s no shortage of interesting, helpful fitness influencers in the over-50 fitness category. In fact, we would never try to pick a “Top 10” list.

But we are more than happy to share a few that we think you might enjoy. And feel free to share with us any others that you like.

And before you scoff about the value of “influencers,” read what the National institutes of Health had to say about them:

“Studies have proven that fitness influencers positively affect people’s exercise intentions or behaviors. Fitness influencers can be seen as health communicators on social media who use their professionalism, reliability, and attractiveness to motivate people’s fitness behavior.”

Happy scrolling!

1.      Joan MacDonald @trainwithjoan. She started getting fit at age 70 and now trains with her daughter. She’s lean and muscular and sports a great smile.

2.      Ashley Ward @itsashleywardd. This “hot daddy” type really keeps it in the family, too, frequently posing online with his buff young son. He’s a former pro rugby player and coach and frequently poses in sexy shirtless pics, if you’re into that kind of thing.

3.      Jean Titus @titusunlimited. This “Silverfox squad member” also sports the physique of a fitness model half his age. He’s been featured in ESPN and BET.

4.      Wendy Ida @wendyidafitness. She says her life was in shambles before she found fitness. Now, she’s a champ and an author in her 70s.

5.      Old Lady Gains Apparel @oldladygains. This women-owned business sells “fitness apparel for unstoppable midlife+ women.” With attitude!

6.      Debra Atkinson Fit4Menopause @flipping50tv. The podcaster, author and speaker helps woman over 50 live their best lives with strength, bone and brain health, and “science-based hormone-balancing exercise.”

7.      Shaun T @shaunt. OK, he’s not quite 50, but this bodybuilder, famous from infomercials a few years back, shows it’s possible for “older” men to pack on the muscle and keep it.

8.      Kim Hale @mskimhale. Not all fitness happens in a gym, as this dancer proves. Hale was an aspiring chorine on Broadway years ago and has now returned in her 50s to make her dreams come true.

If any of these influencers – or anything else you see on the Internet – inspires you to make healthy changes in your life, then we say that’s a good thing.

But you’ve gotta do more than just watch these folks and others on your phone. Call us or come see us today and let’s get you moving with purpose.

In no time, you’ll be an influence on others around you, who will start to wonder… What’s the secret?

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