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Elevate your health and fitness.

Regain your strength, energy, and vitality so you can enjoy the next 50 years.

Semi-Private Training

Custom designed strength training programs.

  • Custom designed to fit your needs.

  • Our programs do not push you too hard, too fast so you do not hurt yourself and have to start over.

  • We gently progress you toward your goals, so as to prevent injuries and setbacks

Functional Training

Semi-Private Strength Training Designed to Improve Quality of Life

  • Personal training in a small group setting

  • Focuses on functional movements that mimic real-life activities

  • Increase muscle strength, increase bone density, and reduce joint and back pain so you can move better and live better

  • Customized progression to fit your needs and fitness level

Group Training

Group exercise classes designed by a Certified Functional Aging Specialist

  • Strength training, cardio, and balance and mobility classes.

  • Increase strength, reduce your risk of falling, improve coordination, and reduce arthritis pain.

  • Reproduce everyday movements and strengthen core and lower body muscles

Life Strong

  • This program is a total body workout using circuit training in our weight room.

  • Great total body workout in a short period of time that hits all the major muscle groups.

Parkinson's Program

  • Parkinson's specific exercises in flexibility, strength, and cardiovascular conditioning

  • Dual tasking activities that help in cognition and executive function

  • Customized to fit your needs and fitness level

  • Slows down the progression of Parkinson's


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